Organisations are being forced to become agile to survive in today’s demanding business climate. New competitors break into markets with disruptive business models sending shock waves through the market, threatening market leaders.

To maintain their position, or in some instances even to survive, the established players need to be agile whilst maintaining their stability. Technology is always a key aspect supporting the capability of the entrant into the market and an enabler to those already in place.

This transformation is hitting all industries, and being adopted at different paces – engineering corporations selling drilling equipment today could be offering ”holes” tomorrow. No longer are a stool and bucket the norm for milking, global leaders provide valuable insights to farmers informing of the optimal time to milk, via robots of course, to maximise yield and what additional nutrients are required for each individual cow.

Behind the hype of Digitalisation and the Internet of Things, lies significant potential to create new opportunity, to realise fundamental business value, to become a leader!

The underlying IT infrastructure provides stability, a required stability. However, to seize the opportunity agility is required from organisations, an agility not often linked to the stable platform. The paradox!

Through acquisition (Business Objects, Ariba, Hybris, SuccessFactors, Concur …) and well-architected development, SAP today offers the stable backbone with the ability to differentiate at pace and without compromising the underlying platform. The ‘cloud’ combined with relevant tools and methods provides the agility of design, development and deployment necessary.

Sapigo’s focus is to enable organisations to identify new opportunity, define a path to achieve this, and ensure success.