A human centered problem solving process.

Solve complex undefined challenges.

Co-create the next big thing.

Align multi disciplinary agile teams. 

Create company growth and new revenue streams.



Large corporations know how to scale but struggle to be agile. Startups know how to be agile but do not always succeed to scale.

Success happens when organisations figure out how to tackle both. Yet, most companies do not know how to innovate at all, or with scale.
Design thinking is a mindset and method for innovation of product and services that generates value for its users and consumers.


Ellen is a storyteller that fell in love in tech. Now she works as a Design Thinking consultant, with a beating hearth for collaborative creative problem solving with a human centric perspective.
Ellen Pettersson won IoT Seedhack 2015, founded the startup adventure RepMate, then launched the corporate hack History Hack – How to tell stories from the past with future technology. Now Ellen works as an innovation consultant with clients such as Telia DivX.

ellen.pettersson@sapigo.se / +46 702 440733 / Twitter / LinkedIn



Today companies biggest challenge is to handle constant change and complexity. In order to compete companies needs to bring user led innovation to market, fast. 


Learning by doing – the optimal learning experience! With the starting point in the users we step by step guide you from problem to solution in this co-creation workshop.


We welcome people from different walks of life. No matter industry or role, you will benefit from learning the mindset, tools and techniques for innovation.


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